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What Am I Reading Wednesday - January 11

This was primarily a newspaper, Economist, and TV catch-up week, given all the household maintenance I had to do. That said, I still managed the following:

What I Just Finished Reading

Our Bodies, Our Data – Adam Tanner
This well-written book examines the physician- and pharmacy-driven trade in patient medical data and how the industry's end users, adept at identifying patients and combining this data with other information on the individuals' socio-economic status, habits, and tastes, threaten patients' privacy. Tanner is wise enough to avoid bombast and hyperbole for explication and is clear about when both data aggregation's advocates and critics are unable to support their claims with evidence. If anything, his evenhandedness makes the nontransparent and largely unregulated phenomenon he's describing all the more concerning.

What I Am Currently Reading

[Placeholder] – [Placeholder]
For reasons.

Inda – Sherwood Smith
I'm not a huge fan of frequent POV jumps, which Inda has in spades. Still, the interpersonal dynamics Smith's setting up continue to ring true, and I have hopes for a huge dynastic power struggle in future chapters.

DMZ vol. 1 – Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchielli
This series, about a no-man's-land New York City set between two halves of a United States at war came highly recommended. The premise is intriguing but the series lost me when our photojournalist intern protagonist, stranded in the opening scenes in downtown Manhattan, expresses amazement at how well civilization's been preserved on the city's rooftops; after all, facts on the ground are wholly unknown to everyone outside. You're telling me no journalist or military commander thought to take a look at Google Earth? No wonder we weren't smart enough to avert civil war...

彼方者の困惑 – 直野儚羅 (Atchimono no Konwaku – Naono Bohra
I love Naono, I love her youkai, and I love how she plays with age and hierarchy conventions, but I wish this had been one of her doujinshi so she could have written something less constricted by Reijin's one-shot template.

What I'm Reading Next

Long weekend coming up, so I'll probably try to knock out the second volume of Ellis' Trees and a full length novel or nonfiction book on top of wrapping up the volumes above.

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